(570) 421-2497 • 10 Barren Rd. • East Stroudsburg, PA • 18302

Municipal Directory

Municipal Directory

Board of Supervisors
Donald Cramer – Chairman
John Brush – Vice Chairman/Roadmaster
Richard Mosher – Secretary/Treasurer

Administrative Assistant
Amy Rolando

Zoning / Building Inspectors
Carol Singer – Zoning Officer
Building Inspection Underwriters

Engineer / Solicitor
Dan Corveleyn – Township Solicitor
Boucher & James – Township Engineer

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Jeryl Rinehart

Robin MacFarlane – Coordinator
John Brush – 2nd Coordinator

Janice Cabral - Tax Collector
Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Terri Cramer
Jim Detrick
Deb Honsberger

Planning Commission
Bob Nelson
Alberta Deiter
Paul Dano
Donald Cramer

Zoning Hearing Board
Roy Bommarito
Sandra Mosher
Ray Corris

Events and Notices


April 29th through May 4th 7 AM - 3 PM

Proof of Residency Required

All materials must be brought to the Municipal Building, 10 Barren Road, E. Stroudsburg and placed in the containers provided for that purpose.

Fees: Car load $5; Van, Pick Up or Utility Trailer load $10; One tone (max size) $20; Car Tires $3 each, Large Tires (19/5 and up) $4 each NO RIMS; All large items (furniture, mattresses, appliances) $5 each; Appliances requiring freon removal (freezers, dehumidifyers, a/c units) $15 each

NO CHARGE: Automobile batteries, automobile waste oil, empty propane tanks

NOT ACCEPTED: Hazardous materials (determined by TWP), dirt, cement, contractor waste, wood, household garbarge, automobiles.

NO Electronics being accepted.